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Coonectivity to Sybase 12.5.3

I am new to QlikView and completed training on Designer and Develoer just 2 days back. During training the instructor and the participants who had experience with Qlikview claimed that loading of tables was very fast. I hope they meant from data source and not the QVD files itslef.

I tried to load a huge table with 14 million rows via ODBC connectivity to Sybase. It took me more than 2 hrs to load this table (64 columns with 400 bytes per record).

Is this something reasonable or is it way too high?. (I know I can do incremental loads but I was just testing.) This was run on a WIN8 machine, with 16Gb RAM. Maximum RAM occupied after the load was completed is 6Gb.

Appreciate feedback

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Re: Coonectivity to Sybase 12.5.3

Hi Anand,

this depends on several things like database speed, network connection, ODBC implementation (maybe also configuration?). I presume the database is not running on the local machine so this time seems to be normal to me, although not very fast. For initial loads of big amounts of data it could be faster to dump out data from the database into a CSV file, then transfer it and load it locally.

- Ralf

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Re: Coonectivity to Sybase 12.5.3

Hi Ralf,

Thanks for your inputs. Yes the parameters you mentioned definitely matters. Will do some R&D on this.

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