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Valued Contributor

Count () function for SFDC in Script

Hi All,

Count() function is not working for SFDC from Script. Any other alternatives for this?

Thanks & Regards,

Saravana Prabhu

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New Contributor III

Re: Count () function for SFDC in Script

Count() is used for chart objects, this can use everyone data is charged.

In the script mode you can NoOfRows() function, assign this value for one variable.

Im wait this work for you...


Count () se utiliza para los objetos tipo Chart, esto puede utilizar una vez esten cargados los datos.

En el modo de Script se puede utilizar la funcion NoOfRows () , asignando este valor a una variable.

Espero esto sirva a tu trabajo...

Valued Contributor

Re: Count () function for SFDC in Script

Hi BeristarDJ,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I know this will work, so that I need to pull the data to qlikview but I don't want to do that, just I need the count. Is there any way to acheive it?

Thanks & Regards,

Saravana Prabhu

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