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Count of cumulative

I have an expression for cumulative value for my top 10 rootcause. i want to take the count of cumalative value for one particular condition. Can anyone help me with this. Thank you:-)

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Re: Count of cumulative

Hey there,

Have you tried using RangeSum expression?

See here:


Best regards,

Data Architect MB

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Re: Count of cumulative

Hi Miguel,

Yeah. I am using the below expression for cumulative value.


RangeSum(Above(Sum(aggr(count(MT_ID),[Issue Type],[Request Type])),0,RowNo()))/

sum(TOTAL Aggr(Count(MT_ID),[Issue Type],[Request Type])) and I am taking the top 10 by setting the max value in the presentation. Now, I want the count of Cumulative for values more than 80% to be displayed in the label of my chart.