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Counting number of tickets opened in a month


I have been trying to find an answer without a success from the community. My problem is that I have a list of tickets that have been opened during the past six months. I need a table that shows how many tickets were opened last month per category. My fields are:

  • Resolution Category Tier 1
  • Submit Date
  • Incident ID

Background information: There are plenty of other date based columns in the data as well.

1) With the following expression I managed to get all the tickets per Resolution Category Tier 1.

count({<[Resolution Category Tier 1]={Työasemainfra}>}[Incident ID])

2) I tried the following expression to filter only tickets opened in February, but I the answer is 0.

count({<[Resolution Category Tier 1]={Työasemainfra},[Submit Date]={">=1.2.2017<=28.2.2017"}>}[Incident ID])

3) I tried the following expression to filter only tickets opened in February, but I the answer is same as in case 1).

count({<[Resolution Category Tier 1]={Työasemainfra},date={">=1.2.2017<=28.2.2017"}>}[Incident ID])

What should I do?

Bonus question: Is there a way to automatize this so that I don't need to change the dates every month for a new report?

BR Tiia

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Hello, Tiia!

Can you provide some data sample (scrambled or manually generated), which will fit your original data. Beacause there are multiple solutions depend on which data you have.

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Here's how I solved this:


count({<[Resolution Category Tier 1]={NameOfTheCategory}

, [IncidentReportedMonth] = {"$(=$(vPreviousMonth))"}

}>}[Incident ID])



In Data Load Editor:

monthstart(date([Submit Date])) as [IncidentReportedMonth]

     where [Submit Date] is column name where ticket's opening date is.

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