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Create a QVD file in a specific date


i have two questions and I've attached an example.

1)I have some data and I want to create a QVD when the actual date coincides with field Date QVD of the document. The qvd contains all the data

2) I want to create a QVD every day 1 of the month with the data of this month

Thank you!

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Re: Create a QVD file in a specific date

Not sure I completely understand your requirement? You want a qvd with 1/31/2015 with data for January? and do the same thing for all the months?

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Re: Create a QVD file in a specific date

No. Sorry, I want every first day of the month I want a qvd with the information of the previous month.


01/01/2015->qvd with information of December 2014

1/02/2015->qvd with information of January 2015

And the other thing is: create a qvd when the field "Date QVD" is the same than the actual date.

For example, today 09/11/2015, if in the field "Date QVD" appears that date then create qvd file.

Thank you!

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