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Create charts using scripting

Hi everyone,

i want to know if there is a way to create charts, table pivot and other item only with scripting.

I need to reuse some charts that i've created on my own pc to another and i want to find a way to save time.

Thank you.

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The simplest technique to reuse some charts you created before is to use Copy&Paste.

If you want to programmatically create objects of different kinds, you can do so using VBS macros and the APIGuide.qvw reference document. The latter contains quite a few examples on creating objects and setting properties. However, you'll be in for a prolonged adventure.

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i've a personal edition, how i can copy and paste with that?

i can't find APIGuide.qvw in my folder, where can i find it?


  1. Open your two documents, copy in the first, paste in the second.
  2. If you don't find it in your installation folder, search the community (always a good trick!). For example, look here: API GUIDE - Version 11

I'm not sure, but the APIGuide.qvw document may not be PE-enabled.

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i've to copy my chart to another pc with a personal edition!

i've already try to use that file, but when i'm trying to open, it tells me that my license is not valid (because i don't have a license!)


QlikView Desktop Personal Edition has restrictions with which you'll have to learn to live. Best solution (especially when using QV for business purposes) is to buy one or more (local) licenses.