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Create filters for data in Table Box

I have an existing QlikView sheet (with critical data, cannot share). In a column on the left, there are some filters available. On the space on the right, there are some Table Boxes. When I select fields in the filters column, data update accordingly in the Table Boxes.

I start from start in another QLikView document, and I would like to build filters as well.

1. how is it possible to create such filters from scratch in QLikView ?

2. is it possible to export the filters in Excel one way or another: i would like the resulting table(s) in Excel to keep the 'logic' of the filters and data in QLikView, so that I can build the page with filters back if I import them in QLikView.


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Re: Create filters for data in Table Box

Please follow the below steps:

1. Create new Qlikview Document

2. Load the data from source (Tables from DB or Excel File sheets)

3. Please make sure there is Synthetic keys and no circular loops.

4. Create the required filter by using List Boxes objects.

5. Create the required Table box with required fields.

6. Export the required objects to Excel files.

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Re: Create filters for data in Table Box


How can I export the whole set of TableBoxes with the filters' logic to Excel, so that I can import it back in a blank sheet in QLikView and get the exact result I had in original document ?

Could you describe steps starting from an original sheet containing Table Boxes and Filters ?


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Re: Create filters for data in Table Box

Right Click on the Table box and select send to Excel or Export options.

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Re: Create filters for data in Table Box

this won't export the filters, right ?

If i do as you suggest, I

- open existing sheet with filters and Table Boxes

- right click on filters and export to separate excel sheets

- right click on Table Boxes and export to separate excel sheets

- open a blank QLikView document

- Edit script and load all the excel tables (from filters and Table Boxes)

- Right click -> new sheet object -> list with data from one filter

- Right click -> new sheet object -> Table Box with data from one Table Box

I obtain, in the new QLikView document, one list box and one Table box. In the original document, the 'list' was a filter. If i clicked on one of the filters, i obtained this filter to be applied on the Table Box. In the new document, if i click on the list on one item, it does not impact/filter the Table Box.

How to export/re-import filters and Table Boxes as to keep the 'filter's logic' ?