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Creating P&L and Balance Sheet Reports using MDX

Hi QV community,

I am working a project where I need to build P&L/BS reports in QV. I need to achieve this through MDX. I was able to successfully load information into pivot/straight tables. But as you know pivot does not work for this type of reports.

Our hierarchies spans across different levels, therefore I am forced to create a mapping table that will help QV identify & group accounts into specific categories. 

I am struggling with running 'intervalmatch' statement by combining QV syntax with MDX . My query simply fails.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with building hierarchies using MDX & QV?

Any other suggestions on how to go about this?

Please help!



  { null } on 0,

        ([Account].[H1].[LEV14])on 1

FROM [Finance];


{ null } on 0,

([Account].[H1].[LEV14]) on 1

FROM [Finance];


INTERVALMATCH ("[Account].[H1].[LEV14]") LOAD [GL Account Start], [GL Account End] RESIDENT Layout;





[GL Account Start] & '|' & [GL Account End] as GLStartEnd



drop table IntervalMatchTemp;