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Creating a link in QlikView report

Hi guys,

I created a QlikView report the runs on a field called "partner" in a loop and creates this report for each partner( lets assume I have a partner list: A, B, C).

My question is, is there a way to create a first page that is out of the loop, and includes links to access the report for each partner?

Meaning, something like this:

A   link-to-PartnerA-report

B   link-to-PartnerB-report

C   link-to-PartnerC-report

Is there an option to create such first page?



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Re: Creating a link in QlikView report


You can create a new qvw file to trigger the applications..

Try to create a trigger on text object and in action use external>run qvw file and specify the path and name of the application..

The application name can be captured using variables.



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Re: Creating a link in QlikView report

hi sushil,

            Jst for a matter of concerned....  if on basis of above example total 4 applicationz will b made

1- home screen

2- screen for A

3- screen for B

4- screen for C

so 4 doc cals wil b used right??

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Re: Creating a link in QlikView report

Hi Sushil,

I don't think you understand me, it is not a regular qvw, it is a QV report (under: Report->edit report)

Thank you,


Re: Creating a link in QlikView report

Hi Ella,

I think you are looking for this:


If you add a single page to the report, drag it to the top and include some table or list with the required links, then you could keep your current report as the following page(s).

The first page would not loop over your "partner" field, the following page would though.

hope this helps



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Re: Creating a link in QlikView report

Hi marco,

But what if I have a few pages after that first page and I would like the loop per partner to run on them as a group and not for each page....

what I want is:

first page

Partner A->loop pages 1-3

Partner B->loop pages 1-3

if I define the loop per page I get:

first page

page 2->partner A

Page 2-> partner B

page 3->partner A

page 3-> partner B

Do you have a different solution for me to get what I want?

Re: Creating a link in QlikView report

I'm not sure whether this sorting order can be configured as you described.



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