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Creating my own TrendLine

I'm trying to create my own trend line (because for some inexplicable reason, QlikView's built in trend lines look like a line you'd see on the old 4-bit Atari consoles).

Here's what I'm doing:

I have a chart object with a bar series showing the data (labeled as "RVU").


Next, I have a series of hidden expressions:

Labeled as "Aggr_RVU"

AGGR(RVU, MonthSerial)

Labeled as "Slope"

linest_m(Aggr_RVU, [MonthSerial])

Labeled as "Intercept"

linest_b(Aggr_RVU, [MonthSerial])

And finally, the visible expression to show the trend line (labeled as "Trend")

(Slope * rowno()) + Intercept

The bars for the "RVU" display, but I don't get a "Trend" line, and I don't get a legend at all. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT ==========================

I  also tried the following:

ONLY({1}$(=(LINEST_M(AGGR(Sum({<MonthSerial={">=$(=MAX(MonthSerial)-24)<=$(=Max(MonthSerial))"}>}Prov_Agg_Total_RVU),MonthSerial),MonthSerial) * rowno())) +
$(=LINEST_B(AGGR(Sum({<MonthSerial={">=$(=MAX(MonthSerial)-24)<=$(=Max(MonthSerial))"}>}Prov_Agg_Total_RVU),MonthSerial), MonthSerial)))

Which resulted in a flat line (and the legend is now being displayed). The flat line is of course, wrong.