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New Contributor II

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V Sometimes doesn't work in Qlikview

from some time ago, I notice that sometimes if i use ctrl+c / ctrl+v , or even use the copy / paste menu from right button, it doesn't work in Qlikview script editor or expression editor.

I couldn't remember when this issue started, as I ran few round of version upgrade.

My current version 11.20.13314.0 SR14 64-bit.

Anybody encounter the same problem as well? Is it caused by certain version of release?

Let's share this issue, and if any guy from Qlik tech team, that would be very nice.

Wen Jing

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Esteemed Contributor II

Re: Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V Sometimes doesn't work in Qlikview

We have a similar problem but doing Ctrl+C twice to copy the content works, I searched for similar threads long time back and found the security patches or the Antivirus to be the reason for this, can't find the post now

Honored Contributor

Re: Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V Sometimes doesn't work in Qlikview


There was such a problem about two years ago. Situation disappeared after reinstalling the operating system of the computer. I think that QlikView is nothing to do with this problem.



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