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Cumulative Sum based on preceding rows on a grid?

Hello, so I have this grid that has two fields, one is a number of 'costs' per a 'department' lets say, and then another one for the cumulative costs as the department costs are listed under it (proceeding). Is there a script that can calculate the cumulative sum in such a way as to say in the first row take the cost, then in the second row, add both, then add all three in the third row? here's a pic for an idea!

Sum cum full will have .1647 on the first row, then the sum of (.1674+.2222) on the second row and so on!


Thank you!


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Re: Cumulative Sum based on preceding rows on a grid?

Create an expression like

=Rangesum( Above( Sum(costs), 0, RowNo() ))

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