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Currency conversion

Good Morning.

I have downloaded from Yahoo Finance historical data for equities in different currencies (EUR, Dollar). I need to convert them in the same currency. How can i do?

These are the fields of a table:


LOAD year(Date) as Year,

  month(Date) as Month,







     [Adj Close],

     'HONDA' as Azione

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Re: Currency conversion

You need to know for any date the change rate for the currencies and multiply values for the rate

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Re: Currency conversion

Hi Stefano,

To calculate the Currency Conversion Rate, Maintain a Monthly/ Weekly/ Daily Conversion Sheet with respective Rates.

You can use ApplyMap() to fetch and Multiply the Rate for those Respective Month.

Hope it help !

Cheers !

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Re: Currency conversion

Hi Stefano

you first need to get the ratio between these two currencies, for example, todays is 1 UERO = 1.39$, so if you have 3 UERO , THEN CONVERSION expression to dollars will b = 3*1.39, generalize this expression to make it true for all your data entries, you can  use this in either in your script  or in the expression tab.

Hope this works

Best Regards


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Re: Currency conversion

Hi Stefano

Please also go through this link, it should resolve your query: http://community.qlik.com/message/93743#93743, specifically check John Witherspoon solution, its is good.

Hope this works

Kind Regards


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