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New Contributor III

Dashboard Freezes on Reload Just Before Exit Script

Hi everyone,

I have a dashboard that I'm trying to refresh with little luck.  The whole dashboard takes about 2.5 hours to refresh, but it's been freezing up at the end.  The last three commands in the script are as follows:

DROP TABLE ClaimSummaryTemp;

Let vReloadEndTime = now();


Nothing special there, but for some reason the last command that is executed is the Let statement and then the dashboard just hangs up instead of executing the EXIT SCRIPT command.

I've been moving the EXIT SCRIPT statement around in the dashboard, but so far it has always executed and ended the refresh.

Has anyone seen this behavior before?  It's driving me crazy.

Thank you,


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Contributor III

Re: Dashboard Freezes on Reload Just Before Exit Script

Hi, the last part of a reload is when qlikview generates associations and builds any synthetic keys required, is it possable that there has been a change in the data you are loading which will cause a very large synthetic key to be generated?

If you check the processes is the qv.exe process just consuming more and more memory?



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