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Database management In Qlikview


I am bit new to Qlikview. And need help in database connectivity through this. Is it possible to do a database management through Qlikview. I want to connect to a QVD or MDB file. Where I can store, retrive, append, delete and modify records. Can somebody help me in this, or can provide any documentation for the same please.

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Database management In Qlikview

Qlikview is designed only to read  from databases. If you want to update databases, choose another tool.


New Contributor III

Database management In Qlikview

Thank you Rob


Database management In Qlikview

Hi Anurag,

with our JDBC Connector for QlikView you can write back into databases during load script which moves QlikView in a total new area where you can use it as ETL, workflow or profiling tool:


It supports DDL and DML statements. You will get a result set if a DML statement was executed with the update count.

You can run script calls like this:


SQL create table test (col1 INT);

SQL insert into test (col1) values (1);

SQL update test set col1=2;

SQL drop table test;

- Ralf

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