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Date Issue

Hi Everyone

I am facing one Logic Problem. One of the report CD Reversal stands for cash discount reversal We assumed that customer will give us payment within 3 days so we give him flat 1.75% cash discount on net invoice bill amount.

for example if invoice bill is Rs 10000/- than we give him 175 rs as a discount and we settled voucher for only 9825 Rs.

We give also relaxation to the customer of Rs 1000/-  means if only 1000 Rs or less than is pending to any customer than CD will not be reversed.

In any case if customer not able us to give payment with in 3 days and more than 1000 Rs is remaining than CD will be reversed .

this reports show the total cash discount money Linked BP wise or Dealer wise with pending days.

how we count 3 days?

we start counting 3 days from the invoice date excluding bank holidays... and we consider the third day suppose if on thir d day Sunday or any holiday we consider next day which is applicable for the customer to pay if next day is also holidays then go for next day.

I have Invoice Dates for each Invoice No and for Bank holidays we have a holiday Master table where all the holidays dates defined except Sundays  so we have to include Sundays as a Holidays in the Holidays Dates.

So we have to find the those customer which are not able to pay with in three days period means list of customer who comes in the category of reversal of cash discount.

Any logic help or any help would be appreciated.



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