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Date conversion 42123 to number 201517

hi, while writing a incremental load, there turned up some problems with oracle and date formats.

the data is stored with dates like YYYYMM f.e. 201517

but when i get a date from a function in qlikview like today() or now() or date(today()-90,'YYYYMM'), it is stored as another date format (f.e. 42123 for 201517)

how can i convert the qlikview function output to something i can use while loading data ?

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Re: Date conversion 42123 to number 201517

I'm not sure if 201517 is a (valid) date or YearMonth - try to get a correct one and anything else could be formatted like it would be needed - whereby by all matchings/calculations are pure numeric values like 42123 instead of 29.04.2015 better.

- Marcus

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Re: Date conversion 42123 to number 201517



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