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Delta Load Change in Logic #HELP

Hi !

I have a delta load (Extract) that dosen't extract correct data from DB.

The primary problem is that it dosen't account for previous amendments made to the dataset.

By altering consumption in DB the following occurs:

The associated parametres "maalerverdi.evforbrukhist" gains increased value in the field "fbstatus" to a value > 0. New values are added in "maalerverdi.evforbrukhist" (including attached consumption) with fbstatus 0.

At all times, the new values with fbstatus 0 is chosen as default.

A new logic is required which verify the new values in "evforbrukhist" with fbstatus=0" who has a new value in the field "fbhistid" since last delta load.

excerpts from the script in the delta load (extract):

Call LT.ExtractDLDate('MAALERVERDI.EVFORBRUKHIST', 'EVFORBRUKHIST', 'LOGGDATOTIDSIST', MakeDate(2014,11,26), Floor(Today()), 100, path.QVDExtract.ElwinNO & '\EVFORBRUKHIST_DL\', -1, 'DD.MM.YYYY', true());

Can anyone help me with making the correct logic?

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