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Desktop Shortcut to Open App Based on User ID


Does anybody know whether it is possible to have a desktop link that when selected would open up a qlikview app to a certain tab and make selections based upon the specific user ID of the person logged in?

The background behind this is that we have multiple team managers requiring daily reports and this solution, if possible, would reduce the length of time required to get to a report and do away with any manipulation of list boxes. Also team managers should not be able to view other team's performance. Obviously we can lock down the app to a certain extent but the shortcut solution would be the most efficient.

Many thanks.

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Desktop Shortcut to Open App Based on User ID

I think you should look into section access. It offers both data reduction (to hide some of the data for the people that are not supposed to see it) and apply initial selections. Both can be based on user IDs.

Desktop Shortcut to Open App Based on User ID


Since you want to restrict the records everybody has to see, then you need a section access to control, depending on who's logging, what records are available. There are a bunch of posts regarding section access, check here and here.

Then I'd create bookmarks based on each team requirements.

Once one manager has logged on to the document, although bookmarks may be available, they will only display his team's info, since all other records have been reduced and removed according to his permissions in section access.

Hope that helps.

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