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Detect Manually Started Tasks


     I have a request from an administrator to try to determine from the logs Qlikview generates whether or not a task was executed via schedule, or via manual execution. 

*In the RaskResult_* XML files there is a field to designate a task being manually aborted, but not manually started. 

*Since all of our tasks start at either the top of an hour or the middle of an hour, I thought about just flagging the task executions that did not start at that time, but that would not be entirly accurate.
*I thought about trying to match the scheduled execution task data with executed reload logs and identifying anything that didn't have a match, but that does not work so well for tasks reloaded on a dependency and you have to build in a tolerance in case an engine is a few seconds late in starting.
Does anyone know if there is a flag or notation in the logs of a manual task reload?