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Diff between Pick(Match and with out Pick(Match ?

Hi All

I am introduce by some one here using the Pick(Match approach for compute different expression in one table or chart.

Now i try to using another approach with out Pick(Match , i find that it help to speed up a lot , compare to using Pcik(Match does cause out of memory issue.

My question is can some one tell me when i insert a expression below :-


I notice that QV will take time to compute eXP or rEVENUE. and when i close the QV file and re-open again , QV does not need to take time to compute the result , it immediately display the value.

my i ask it is QV store the compute value in the QVW file ? and it just recall the value when use click on it again ? Does this value keep forever ? what if i do a binary load , why the compute value still keep some where.

Hope some one can share with me.


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Re: Diff between Pick(Match and with out Pick(Match ?

enclosed my QV Doc table 1 with Pick(Match and Table 2 with out.

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