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Different rows in a table after binary load

Hello guys!

I have a little problem.

I have two qv application. The first contains data and the second one I only use for layout update.

The layout application only contains a binary load statement.

When the script finished lot of tables contains more rows than the tables in data application.

For example there is an access table. The data Qlikview application it contains 93 rows, after the binary load, the layout application show 466 rows.

Has anybody met like this before?



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Re: Different rows in a table after binary load

You can create a table box for the access table in both applications and see which rows are duplicated or appearing more than once in the layout application.

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Re: Different rows in a table after binary load

Where do you check the number of rows? In the Datamodel overview or in a chart / tablebox object?

If you're able to provide sample files where it's possible to replicate the behavior it would be easier to help.

Please ekskuse my Norglish and Swenglish typos.
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Re: Different rows in a table after binary load

Okey... That was my fault. One of my colleague replaced the datafile, and I did not check it.

Sorry guys!

Thanks for the quick reaction!