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Direct Discovery


when I tried the direct discovery, i got the following doubts

1. how many tables we can able to load using direct discovery.( i can't load more than one table or one view)

2. i just loaded only one table from oracle using direct keyword and i created one simple straight table, the application works fine sometimes and sometimes getting crashed. the performance of the application is very slow. even though i didnt load any other qvd tables. also the values of the expression is not updated until i made the selections in the listbox.(is it required to do the selection to get the updated data every time, will it reflect the data automatically once data is changed in oracle or not)

Could anyone clarify me the above points.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Direct Discovery

There are some limitations on DIRECT discovery.

2. If you use the DIRECT discovery, the DIRECT table didn't load any data while loading. so DIRECT table didn't have any data. While you made selections the query was executed and get the results from DB. Some times it was crashed because it depends on DB performance at the query was executed.

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Re: Direct Discovery

1. Yes, only one table is allowed.

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Re: Direct Discovery


Make sure you are now using the latest Direct Discovery release, QV11.2 SR5, it contains many new features and improved performance. Also, when connecting to an Oracel db, make sure you have implemented effective indexes on the dimension fields for the direct table. I worked with another Qlik customer on a similar issues, and we discovered missing indexes and that the existing ones would also go stale, basically causing a full table scan.

Sorry for the very late response, but I just started monitoring this forum.


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Re: Direct Discovery

To Bob's point on using 11.2 SR5, you should also download the Direct Discovery technical addendum for SR5 located in the Community under Content: http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3710 for more details.

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Re: Direct Discovery


1. Multiple Table Allow in QV 11 SR7.

2. Value updated only when u select something in listbox or simply refresh u r application on access point.


Mukesh Chaudhari

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