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Direct discovery and stored procedure

Dear Community,

We have a task that requires creating some flags values based on selected data.

So we thought about using direct discovery feature with a stored procedure SP.

Basically the idea would be to pass to this SP all parameters as variables (fields that can be filtered by the user will be associated to variables that will contain all possible values, say with a concat function, and this variable should be passed to the SP as parameter to be used in the where clause of the sql statement).

The SP will execute and create the table from which we should be able to read data (records and updated flags) and perform additional calculations within QV.

I'll appreciate if someone can share his experience in this matter, what would be the best practice, and whether this is doable or not, with some supportive examples to illustrate the idea.

To note that the functionality should be applicable over web (ajax, ie plugin).

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Direct discovery and stored procedure

Hello jp_bakhache ,

Were you able get this working ? or do you have any work-around to get Direct Discovery working with Stored Procedure ?

If yes, pls share some examples.

We have a similar requirement, any help is appreciated.



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Re: Direct discovery and stored procedure

Hi Piyush,

Actually in my scenario, I was able to use the dynamic data update.

It allowed me to populate a table dynamically based on user selections.

But for this option to work over web, users need to be listed under the QlikView Admin group.

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