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Display multiple dimensions in a chart


I have a bar chart that contains at the X-Axis 3 to 4 dimensions. In Excel, it works great. You can set up even more than 4 dimensions and the bar chart will be fit to the dimensions accordingly.

Dimensions are displayed as follow:


Release ID

Release Instance

Project Name

All 4 dimensions will be displayed at the X-Axis, hence if there are two vendors with three dimensions (release ID, Release Instance and Project Name), there will be a separate line between vendor 1 to vendor 2, displaying for the two vendors three dimensions per each.

See attached screen shot example.

Can this be done in QlikView?


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Re: Display multiple dimensions in a chart


Try with Cyclic group dimension.

In qlikview, bar chart should display 3 dimensions.

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Re: Display multiple dimensions in a chart

Thanks, but should be within a cyclick, all dimensions must be displayed as showing up in the figure attached. I can "live" with three dimensions and not four, but still all three must be displayed and not changeable.

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