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Contributor II
Contributor II

Dividing Product Hierarchy based on the Date

Good afternoon, i want to ask about Hierarchy ini Qlikview,


I have 2 type of product hierarchy :

1. Old Product Hierarchy  that i define the start_date_history on '01/01/2000' and end_date_history on  '31/12/2018'

Old Prod Hier have 3 Levels of Hierarchy;

2. New Product Hierarchy  that i define the start_date on '01/01/2019' and end_date on  '31/12/2999'

New Prod Hier have 10 Levels of Hierarchy ;

so in this case those 2 different  Old Prod Hier and New Prod Hier , i combine those 2 and, store into PRODUCT_HIERARCHY.QVD(qvd),

after that i want to connect those dates that i defined with company transactional dates, without using any interval match, 

my concern is, if i have a large amount of product hierarchy data, then what is the best practice to reach the best optimization to load the data ?

My final expectation for the result is, when i choose the date on 12-12-2018, it will associate with the Old Product Hierarchy, and when choose the date on 12-01-2019,  it will associate with the New Product Hierarchy.

Thanks & Regards,

Jason Reynaldo

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