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Document Analyzer v1.13 not loading document info

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to load a document to the Document Analyzer v1.13 and it is not completing.  It is stopping at the same point I see some other have posted in prior versions.  I have the code below and red text where the cursor is.

If obj.GetObjectType=36 Then     'If a Container object,

            log "Processing Container Objects for Container " & obj.GetObjectId

           set myDoc = obj.GetDoc

             set containerProps = obj.GetProperties

              set myConObj = containerProps.ContainedObjects

              For j=0 to (myConObj.Count-1)

                   If GetQvMajorVersion > 10 Then

                         set obj = myDoc.getSheetObject(myConObj(j).Def.ObjectId)     ' V11


                         set obj = myDoc.getSheetObject(myConObj(j).Id)                    ' V10 **Curser is Here**

                End If

                   Call ProcessObject (obj)


      End If

End Sub

Also the document I am trying to analyze opens up and its on this screen and doesn't close.  There are many container object in the application, which is where people seem to be running into issues on previous versions.

Any insight into how to correct this issue.  Also I have run it on other files and it works just fine.


Jacob N. Dockendorf

4 Replies

Re: Document Analyzer v1.13 not loading document info

FYI, I have removed all the containers in the application and it works perfectly!

It would still be nice to know what is going on, from the reading I have done the container issue was fixed in the v1.13 version.

Contributor III

Re: Document Analyzer v1.13 not loading document info

I have this same issue.  Removed the containers and no problem.  Using 1.13

New Contributor II

Re: Document Analyzer v1.13 not loading document info


I had the same issue. It remains same eve after I removed all the containers. Any pointers? Is there an updated version of Doc Analyzer available? I really need this to work



Re: Document Analyzer v1.13 not loading document info

The latest version of DocumentAnalyzer is 1.15 and it's available at


If you have problems I would appreciate getting a copy of your problem qvw. Email to rob at robwunderlich.com.




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