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Does my date fall within a range?


Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone could help me.

Im trying to return a series of results whereby a holiday is currently going on, (ie: today's date is in between the Departure Date and the Return Date).

I dont have a database field for "Return Date" so I calculated this using the formula:  [Departure Date]+[TD Duration]

Can you tell me whether or not my formula below makes sense:


= if ( [Departure Date] <today() ,if( ( [Departure Date] + [TD Duration] ) >today() , "Yes" , "No" ) , "No" )

Many thanks


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Re: Does my date fall within a range?


Logically it is correct.  It could look simpler though:

= if ([Departure Date] <today() AND  ( [Departure Date] + [TD Duration] ) >today(), "Yes", No" )