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Dual Action on Text Object


I have built a qlikview document that shows all the servers our department supports, showing the operating system, ip address, network path, server type etc.

I have a text object, where one of my actions is to launch a Remote Desktop Session by going to the following application:

c:\Windows\system32\mstsc.exe.  I have also entered parameters for this so it picks up the networlk_path.  This works perfectly.

However on my qlikview document some of the servers where the operating system is not windows, it is Unix, therefore the only way to get to these servers is to telnet using command prompt or putty (instead of Remote Desktop).

It is possible to write a command that would allow me to check if the operating system = Unix and if it does, the text object that points to Remote Desktop, Points to a command prompt instead.


Jon Ditchfield

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