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Dynamic update Help Urgent

Dear All

I have been looking into Dynamic update feature for Qlikview, that is very much advertised by QlikTeck but apparently

I am unable to find any decent place which explains limitations of dynamic update.

I would be appreciate if any one guide me about following.

1. How can update records from data source.

All the sample applications and help I have found is like this

Update TABLE SET Field1 = Value where Field2=  Value2

This Basically Set value of Field1 to 'Value' where Field2 = Value2,

But my Question is can i write where condition as 'Where Field2 >  Value2,

I tried to write like this but it didn't worked. Apparently it works only for '=' not less than or greater than

2. I am able to populate fixed value in Field1 but not able to pick updated value of  Field1 from data base.

can any one please guide me in this.

I would appreciate if any one answer my queries urgently


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Re: Dynamic update Help Urgent


1. Dynamic data update only works on '=' condition. Unfortunately, other conditions such as <>, >,<, >=, <= do not work. I don't see a reason why QlikTech has not included these basic conditions.

2. Dynamic data works only on the In-Memory set of QlikView document. Any data out of the system memory has to be loaded by document reload.

Hope this helps