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Error handling on load - Hex value below 40


We have an application that loads data from a txt file which origins from a DB2 export. The DB2 app seems to allow "illegal" characters according to qlikview which in this case means hex value =<40.

We load about 4 million rows and when an illegal character of this kind appears the load stops without any error messages etc. It clearly states in the log file "loaded 4,556,776". But the actual number of rows to be loaded are higher.

So my simple question is - how can I try a value in a row to be loaded: Something like

If(text(TheTextFieldIWantToCheck) contains one or many characters with hex value =<40)

    Then ignore this row - or remove these values before trying to store them

I guess the issue here is that this IF statement will never be tried because the load statement ends before getting here for some reason.

Anybody with a similar problem? (the current solution for us is to have a consultant try and find this last row loaded and check this value, correct it in the DB2 and the export and reload. If we are unlucky this will happen several times before all illegal values are discovered)



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Re: Error handling on load - Hex value below 40

At first try this: Re: .txt file not uploading fully

- Marcus