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Error in script

Hi I am trying to implement filter condition but it shows error in expression.

Can anyone help me to identify error.

='Point (' & Count(Distinct [Point Name]) & ')' & If(GetSelectedCount(< System_Type =('Meter') > [Point Name] > 0, '', '')

giving error on last bracket

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Re: Error in script

indeed one bracket is missing

but is Syntax correct?

try this

='Point (' & Count(Distinct [Point Name]) & ')' & If(GetSelectedCount({< System_Type =('Meter') >} [Point Name]) > 0, ', ')

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Re: Error in script

Hi Rudolf,

I tried the same expression what you have mentioned. it shows below error

Script error.PNG

Re: Error in script


='Point (' & Count(Distinct [Point Name]) & ')' &  If(GetSelectedCount([Point Name]) > 0 and System_Type ='Meter','','')

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Re: Error in script

Hi Pankaj,

Can you try this process

='Point (' & Count(Distinct [Point Name]) & ')' & If(Count({<System_Type ={'Meter'}>}[Point Name])>0, '', '')

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Re: Error in script

try to enclose System Type with [System Type]

Syntax is correct and brings data in my case (without your fieldnames)

='Point (' & Count(Distinct [Point Name]) & ')' & If(Count({<[System_Type] ={'Meter'}>}[Point Name])>0, '', '')

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