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Error "QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA" when loading data with ADsDSOObject

Hello Community,

I recently installed QlikView 12.30 SR 3 and i have a problem with the extraction of the active directory groups. QlikView 12.30 SR 3 fails to load LDAP data from OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Directory Service (ADsDSOObject) with error QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA. i have not this problem  with QlikView 12.10.



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Creator II
Creator II


I have had this error before when trying to read large AD groups and found that the only way round it was to read the AD group in chunks like looping round the alphabet one letter at a time and getting all usernames that start with that letter.

I suspect (but cannot prove) there is a maximum buffer/recordset size it will return and the text of the error message suggests it to.



Digital Support
Digital Support

Ali, one way to test the other poster's theory would be to use the Script Debugging tool to limit the load and see if you limit things to a certain number of rows if it does run, as that would lend some credence to what they were saying.  If that does work, you at least have a workaround potentially, I am not sure what would have caused things to have stopped working between 12.10 and 12.30.  The only other thing of which I can think would be to see if you can get some debugging tools for the data connection to trace that traffic to see if there is something in there to lend further info on what may be happening.  The only other thing I can suggest is maybe download the 12.40 SR1 client and run once with that to see if it behaves the same or not.  Best I have for the moment.


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