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Excel 2007 File on FTP

Hi All,

I have been using Text file / CSV File / XLS file on the FTP Location as a data source for my Qlikview applications. Recently i am getting XLSX Files as the data source. QlikView is not able to identify them as ooxml format by default. Even if i change the code manually to read from the FTP File, QV gives a error as SCRIPT ERROR and does not give any information regarding the same.

If any of you have a solution, please do share with me.


Sriram N

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Excel 2007 File on FTP

I have the same problem. Any ideas?

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Excel 2007 File on FTP

Has anyone found a solution to this? The xlsx files does show anything while reading from FTP location.

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Excel 2007 File on FTP

You have problems only with xlsx files or with other files too?

eg. txt or csv reading is OK?

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Excel 2007 File on FTP

Seeing the same thing with xlsx files only.  csv and xls works fine.

Testing on QV 9 SR3 and QV10 SR1.  Problem is the same in both.  ftp sees file, but doesn't do preview and can't load data.


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Re: Excel 2007 File on FTP

The .docx and .xmlx are actually ZIP files with loads of XML and other files inside.

Something (maybe your server) detects that the files are ZIPs and marks them as such (using Content-Type header), what makes your browser interpret them as ZIP, despite them not having the .zip extension.

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