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Exclude Holidays & their Time from Running Logic...............!!

Hi All

I have to exclude Holidays coming inbetween the Creation Date and Outime.

The Logic for Duration Calculation is Perfectly working but i want to exculde Holidays & their time from it.

If  Number(Ticket ID) has Start Time = 0:00 and End Time = 23:59 than exclude only Holiday Dates - '26/1/2014', '15/08/2014' and '02/10/2014' from the Calculation of Duration.

Else, Remove the Holiday Dates of Individual Number(Ticket ID) referring the Attached Excel from the Calculation of Duration.

Expected Result:

Expected Result.png

See the Cases:

Case No. 1:

Cases - 1,2,3.png

Case No. 2:

Cases - 4,5.png

Stefan Kunte  Kindly look into this.... Your help required.

Also, see the Attachments.



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Re: Exclude Holidays & their Time from Running Logic...............!!


I think you can solve it by flagging you table.

Let's say you have a holiday table and Tickets table. Pseudo should be something like:


Just join these two to get FLAG_1 for holiday days.


Recall Block1 (resident Block1) to check the hours to create FLAG_2 for holiday hours with something like if(FLAG_1=1 and StartTime =0 and EndTime=23:59 then 1, else if .... then 2.... etc

So now you've got everything to calculate I guess.

Go for things like sum({<FLAG_2={1}>} HOUR_DIFFERENCE)

Hope that helps.



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