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Exclude Search Box

Hello Qlik Community,

I am trying to create a Search Object that will 'Exclude' the value entered by the user. 

1) I was able to 'Exclude' the data using the following in a 'Generic' search object

=Not WildMatch(FieldName, 'SearchValue')

But I am not wanting the  user community to enter this string each and every time they want to 'exclude' the values form their result set.

Therefore I tried to...

1) Create a variable

2) Create a user Input Box

3) Create a button to apply the Exclude script above to the search field.  

     3a) Set an Action (Set in Field)


     3b) Macro

Neither approach worked.  Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Re: Exclude Search Box

Can you share an example where you want to exclude this. Attached is the file where you can enter any value in the inputbox and it will exclude that value from the Field name Name in the table.

What ever you type in that Exclude inputbox it will exclude that row from the left table.

Find attached a sample qvw.

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Re: Exclude Search Box

Thank you!  Let me clarify.  I want to apply the Exclude Filter to the 'Select in Field' so the filter is applied to the entire dashboard.  See attached for example.

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Re: Exclude Search Box

Hi Brett,

see Attachment.



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Re: Exclude Search Box

Try with:



Re: Exclude Search Box

Maybe the already inbuilt features will do the job. Just selecting the "unwanted" values and then choosing "exclude values" from the context-menu. I think it's more logical and don't need more (error-prone - because manually typing values) working-steps and is therefore easier to handle for the users.

- Marcus

Re: Exclude Search Box


maybe one solution could be:





hope this helps



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