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Execute macro from script

Hello. I want to load data from 1C (Russian ERP). So, I use this macro:

sub v82query

Dim ServerName

Dim InfoBaseName

Dim InfoBasesAdminName

Dim InfoBasesAdminPass

ServerName = ""

InfoBaseName = "

InfoBasesAdminName = "

InfoBasesAdminPass = ""

set conn = CreateObject("V83.COMConnector.1")

Set v82 = conn.Connect("Srvr=""" + ServerName + """;Ref=""" + InfoBaseName + """;Usr=""" + InfoBasesAdminName + """;Pwd=""" + InfoBasesAdminPass + """;")

query_1c = "ВЫБРАТЬ" &_

" Представление(цТребованиеНакладнаяДляСХМатериалы.Поле) Как  Pole"& vbNewLine & _

"ИЗ"& vbNewLine & _

" Документ.цТребованиеНакладнаяДляСХ.Материалы КАК цТребованиеНакладнаяДляСХМатериалы " & vbNewLine & _

set v8query = v82.NewObject("Query")

v8query.text = query_1c

set result = v8query.Execute

set m = result.Choose

do while m.next

set sql_string = ActiveDocument.DynamicUpdateCommand("INSERT INTO * "& vbNewLine & _

"(Pole) " & vbNewLine & _

"VALUES (" & m.Pole &")")



end sub

And I use a simple script:





left join


LOAD  C as Pole


And I want to call my macro from script, because I try to dynamic update Table1 and left join Table2.

Please, help me, how to call my macro from my script before left join?

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Re: Execute macros from script

Unfortunately, that will not work. You cannot call macro subs from the load script. You can use macro functions in a load statement (with some limitations), but I don't think that will help in this case.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein

Re: Execute macros from script

It may be possible to put your macro into a .vbs statementfile, and execute the macro using cscript.exe in a batch file. You will need to drop the ActiveDocument.GetApplication.Refresh statement and reload the document from the same batch file using the qv.exe /R option.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
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Re: Execute macro from script

OK, thank you. I think that I need  try another way. I want to load data from ERP to one qlik app, and in the another app open it and join tables from Excel.

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