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Execution of (parts of) script dependent on the username?


I have, in other documents, already employed the SECTION ACCESS method so that I have full access to the documents and everyone else (identified by username, no password) has only limited access.

For a new Dashboard, I would like to take this concept a step further: Can I set the script up so that, when either myself or one specific other colleague open the document, one tab of the script will be executed (loading a table in its entirety, incl. item-level details) and when anyone else opens it, another tab will be executed instead (loading the table in aggregated form for management_users)? The difference in size and thus performance of the document would be relevant, but I'd like to avoid splitting it into two documents.

Can that be done in QlikView itself - I don't want to start messing with macros and VBScript/Jscript.

Thanks a lot!

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