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Export/Import QVW script and layout with Project feature -prj

hello there,

in QV10 feature with Project -prj is finally good step to team development . It works generally fine but there is one feature that is not supported and very annoying for me.

If the qvw doc contains Field Event Trigers (let say a 20 Fields and each has 4-5 triggers in app) and when you export qvw script and layout settings by creating folder QVW.FILE.NAME-prj and saving qvw file this Field Events Trigger definitions are not stored in project xml/trext files

When you create new qvw doc to import this settings you loose THEM. (I guess i`t is beceause when exporting you loose info about data fieds in model and their triggers definitions ). It is very annoying to click them again after import settings from -prj project into new qvw doc. Has any idea how to overcome this? Any idea to export this Field Event triggers with any macro / external program ?

thanks for any Hints.


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