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Exporting to Excel and Selection Issues

I'm trying to automate export a table to multiple excel worksheets. In each sheet is a different selection collection.

The issue I have encountered is that intially I want to select all customers that start with "ABC" (which is straightforward) but then select all customers not starting with "ABC" and export these to the next excel worksheet.

I tried this line in the macro but it does not appear to behave in the same way as manually using select excluded in the application -


Is there any way to write a line in the macro that would select all "CustomerName"s not beginning with "ABC"?

sub ReportExport

set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

XLApp.Visible = false
set XLDoc = XLApp.Workbooks.Add

'Bring total of sheets upto 4

XLDoc.Sheets(1).Name = "Report1"
ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH162").CopyTableToClipboard true


XLApp.Visible = true

Set C=ActiveDocument.Getfield("ChannelName")
C.Select "Channel1"

ActiveDocument.GetField("CustomerName").SelectExcluded ' Does not appear to work as it would in the application

'Export Report to next sheet etc

msgbox "Done"

end sub
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