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Expression Revies

  I had created Flag , i need to count only the flag=ncr  and ncr type=RI

Need expression for that..

=(count(distinct([Lot Number]))- count(DISTINCT([EW Lot Number]))) / count(DISTINCT([Lot Number]))

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Re: Expression Revies

=(count(distinct {<flag={'ncr','RI'}>}[Lot Number])- count(DISTINCT {<flag={'ncr','RI'}>}[EW Lot Number])) / count(DISTINCT {<flag={'ncr','RI'}>}([Lot Number]))

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Re: Expression Revies

Tanq ..

My requirment is i need to calucalte the LAR RATE AND SCAR RATE ..

Some suppliers has scars  and some supplier has Lar ..

In the same pivot table i need to calculate for the suppliers their scar rate and Lar rate

To show the user more specific which supplier has scar and lar

And i also need to show the conditional formatting .IF scar is >98 some colour

and also lar >95 some colour ..

Please find screen shot

scar lar.PNG