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Expression in where clause on JDE date field

Hi all,

i am trying to add a WHERE clause in my script to restrict a date by year. its JDE julian dates and i am using the following



FROM PRODDTA.F4111 where right(Date(MakeDate(1900+left(text(ILTRDJ),len(ILTRDJ)-3))+right(text(ILTRDJ),3)-1) ,2)=15;


the expression right(Date(MakeDate(1900+left(text(ILTRDJ),len(ILTRDJ)-3))+right(text(ILTRDJ),3)-1) ,2) returns the final 2 characters of the date, i.e. 15.

does anyone know why this isnt working?

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Re: Expression in where clause on JDE date field

Unless your JDE database understands Qlikview script you shouldn't use functions like MakeDate. Use only the SQL functions that your JDE database does support.

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