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Extension QV11, how to 'Select in field'

Hi guys,

Im trying to build an extension that can show three types of graphs with a lot of options to show the KPI's of the customer on one sheet. When clicking on one of these KPI's I want to use the action 'Select in Field', with the field 'KPI' and with a custom expression like '=MaxString({$<KPIno={'No6'},Actief={1},Soort={'C'}>}KPI)'.

Does anyone know if it's possible to reproduce this inside an extension?

I tried looking al over the place! But with no luck..

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Kenneth

2 Replies

Re: Extension QV11, how to 'Select in field'

Keep the Expression =MaxString({$<KPIno={'No6'},Actief={1},Soort={'C'}>}KPI)

in a variable and you can read the variable value from javascript. Make use of the variable value

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Re: Extension QV11, how to 'Select in field'

Thank you for the response!

But how can I use the action 'select in field' with this value? When clicking the KPI I can read the value, but not execute the action.

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