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Contributor III

Extract cubes from sap bw into qlikview via sapolapconnector

I am fetching cubes data via sapolapconnector and storing them as qvd,but when i try to fetch cubes of large number of rows(above 1 million) my qvw file gets hanged.I am getting "custom read failed" error .I searched for the solution and found some solutions which said that buffer size is less,so the problem arises.But i am not understanding how to change it or is there any other solution for it.I know we can also do it using qvsapconnector ,but can you please suggest me how to do it .

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hi Jatin,

       did u find answer above issue ?? even i am also facing the same issue... if u know then please tell me.



Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Antony,

I used sap connector instead of sap olap connector since there was limitation of rows on it.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Dear Jatin,

I think the Buffer Size can be increase from the SAP Server by SAP Team.

there is no any settings where you can set the buffer into QlikView.



Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Alok Pande ,

Can you confirm this from any document or your personal experience ?


Kolhe Jatin.


Hi the custom read fail is not a sap error its usually a qlikview error, when the records that you are trying to extract exceed the max rows in your connection string.


change the ODSMaxRows to a bigger value.

Just to test this theory set the ODSMaxRows=10000 and debug with a limited load of 5000 so not to exceed your 10,000 limit and if this is successful then the ODSMaxRow limit is your issue

Now if you get a different error such as 'File Exdata.cpp' this is related to SAP and there is not enough buffer in sap to complete your request, so either try and break your query in smaller chunk based on some field or get SAP to increase the available buffer for you