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Extracting Oracle CLOB rows

Hi and thanks in advance and much appreciated for any responses...

I am currently looking at extraction of CLOB rows from an Oracle database, has anyone done this effectively or is it a too hard basket for QlikView loads?

The Scenario ...

1 CLOB field, the CLOB field may contain 4 (or more) Attributes at the start of the string, followed by a set of values for the attributes, these value will chain for the length of the data being stored (just looks like one long comma separated cell value when exported to excel).

So my question is, has anyone done any work with CLOBS and slicing up the contents ? I'm a newbie with CLOB stored data.

Any recommendations would be welcomed.



Sensitive data hence I cannot post a sample, apologies.

Example (when hovering over the loaded CLOB field in QV)

Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4





... and so on for thousands of chains of attribute values.

Example (when exported to excel - single large column, note no comma between last attribute and first value)

Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4,Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4,Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4...