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Failed reload for a hidden script error


I'm an Italian programmer and in the company I work there's a tool in c#  that scheduled every night that launch the updating of some qvd and the relatives qvw file.

The exe file was launch from a dedicate server (by an admin user) to a domain folder that contain all the qvd and qvw file.

Every day the update work fine, but 3 days ago, the update did not work anymore and appears the warning:

"Error in hidden script. For details, open hidden script before reload.

For security reasons, failed hidden script code is not shown."

I try to open the hidden script and use the debug function (seams that there are no errors in script 'cause it runs), but nothing change and the update failed.

I think the problem regarding the DSN, but it' strange 'cause since 3 days ago everything works, and in domain the settings are ever the same.

I'm not able to update hte qvw file in other way and the sales data are very important for the company.

Thank in advance


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