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Filling the gap

Hello All,

I have a table which logs the changes on the status of every reports. For the dates where there is no change, it must fill the value with the previous available date.

In below example ;

Report 1

Date 1 to Date 6 : it must return Yes

Date 7 to Date 10: it must return Suspended

Date 11 to Date 14: Yes

and so on.

Could you please support on which method/function must be used?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Filling the gap

By the way this example is transposed to show expected output more clearly,

My original source has report_id, date, report_status

Re: Filling the gap

You can use After / Before functions??

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Re: Filling the gap

I am using previous function and while to fill missing dates. i can fill the values before min date and after max update date but it doesnt work in between