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First steps to creating a Sap data based dashboard


I have no prior experience of Qlikview, so forgive me if this question is common knowledge.

I work in a medium sized manufacturing company, where we use Sap and do our reporting with Business Warehouse.

There is significant interest in creating “dashboards” which would give live updates of production related issues, with data from Sap.

How would I go about starting this project, if we were to use Qlikview – here I mean specifically, how does Qlikview create a “live” connection to Sap?

Where can I find the best description of what is required?

Any help will be appreciated!

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First steps to creating a Sap data based dashboard

What you need is:

- QlikView SAP Connector

- QlikView Personal (or licensed) Edition

Once you import QlikView SAP Connector transports into your SAP system(s), you will be able to pull data into your QlikView document directly. You will be able to write queries like "SELECt * FROM MARA...." in youe QlikView documents, which will pull data from SAP. Once data is in QlikView, you will be able to link tables with their keys and make a data model. Once data model is done, you will be able to put nice charts and graphs on top of it - the fun stuff.

There are many QlikStart templates available from Ian Crosland (of QlikTech). If you are customer then check with QlikView salesman you are working with, or if you are partner these templates are available in Partner system called PRM system. Once you have these templates, just change the connection parameter stuff to point to your system and ready to pull the data. A great way to jumpstart with QlikView on SAP.

You may also check the User group here and download some templates: http://community.qlik.com/groups/sap

Hope this helps. If you have any specific question, please post here.

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First steps to creating a Sap data based dashboard

Thanks for your reply.

I am not a customer, but we are currently checking out possibilities, Qlikview being one of them.

I have looked through the QlkiView connector for Sap installation guide, but I still have one question:

It mentioned the installation of "transports"

1) QT2K900020 (Data extraction)

2) QT2K900022 (User profile)

As these are key to getting starting, I was wondering how they actually work, and if I need to any special access to the Sap system to install them sucessfully?

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First steps to creating a Sap data based dashboard

Hi what is ur SAP BASIS Version?

These transports are normally installed by the SAP Basis people from your company. If you do the transports you have to have authorisation to lot of transactions...which the SAP user dont have.

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Re: First steps to creating a Sap data based dashboard

The document you mentions clearly states the transports you need to import in your SAP system based on your SAP BASIS Release. Share that document, and zip files, with your BASIS group / person, and he/she needs to import those into your SAP system(s). Once they are imported, the document suggests how and what roles needs to be assigned for the SAP User ID you plan to use to connect to SAP from QlikView.

Once all this done, just open a new QV document, and connect to SAP system using the user ID you created/adjust and start pulling the data.

I must say, you cenrtainly found the right product among all other possible products you are evaluating.

Good luck with your evaluation!

- Rakesh Mehta | DI Squared | Certified QlikView Solution Provider

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Re: First steps to creating a Sap data based dashboard

To Initiate you First Project with SAP Following are the some information that definitely help you .

:- Qlikview SAP Connector is just provide interface between SAP R/3, SAP B/w with qlikview.

:- How to install SAP connector for that I will suggest you to refer SAP Connector manual it covers all required details.

:- you can extract all required Header, Details and Master table with the help of SAP Connector.

Still if you required any help pls reply me.