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Fix always minimun selection

Hi everybody:

I have a problem with a complex qlikview that frozen when there is not selection. Excess of calculs.....

My question is to know if it is possible to fix a minimun selection only when I take out all selections, but desappear when I select anyone.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Fix always minimun selection

Hi ,

  • Please check in your expressions it has no selections.{1<>} Set Analysis
  • Can you elaborate your requirement.


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Re: Fix always minimun selection

Are you talking about chart (straight or any other chart)?

May be try to limit using the Getselectedcount() in general tab..like

Getselectedcount(field1)>0 and Getselectedcount(field2)>0

Re: Fix always minimun selection

You cannot limit the number of selection, But using set analysis you can exclude the selection of Fields from calculation

For example

= sum({<Type={'1'}, Field1=,Field2=>}Sales)

selections from Field1 & Field2 will not affect the calculation or Values will not change. You can include as many field you want to exclude the selection

Re: Fix always minimun selection

Can you share a sample with expected output so that we can try to help you better?

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Re: Fix always minimun selection

Add a calculation condition to your chart that checks the possible number of records given the active selections. Something like =if(sum(aggr(1, Dim1, Dim2, ..., DimN))<10000,1,0). Replace Dim1, Dim2, ..., DimN with the names of the dimensions of your chart. Don't forget to add a custom message for the calculation condition too.

You can find an example here: Re: Calculation Condition - Complex

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Re: Fix always minimun selection

Could you share a sample document ?