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For Next script line error

I have a subroutine that takes in a date range(Month, vMinDay, vMaxDay)

     For i = vMinDay to vMaxDay

          //load a bunch of stuff


end sub

call sub(08, 09, 09)

Everything loads correctly, but every-time the script hits the "next" statement I get a script line error. Thanks in advance for the help!!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: For Next script line error

Please post a small Qlikview document that demonstrates the problem.

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Re: For Next script line error

Most probably due to a suprefluous second NEXT or a statement nesting error (for example an IF THEN that starts in the FOR NEXT block but is either unterminated or terminated outside the FOR NEXT)

If you cant upload an example document, please post the exact script code from a few lines before the FOR keyword up to a few lines after the NEXT keyword. The sample you posted isn't much to work on, sorry.